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We got to know each other in 2010 during our part-time job, both of them are still in training, we didn’t actually have big visions – rather the naive idea of ​​sewing beautiful summer dresses for women – dresses that we liked ourselves. This is how the first collection was created and a small celebration for family and friends on a much too hot July day. We sewed the five models in five sizes in my shared apartment on the floor. All of the clothes were sold within a few weeks.

Everything happened according to the modular principle, Melissa and Mathilde build a fashion label – without any idea but with a lot of euphoria and excitement because women came into the shop every day and asked for replenishment. “Ok, we have to do it right now,” we thought. Right – with good fabrics, patterns, an entire collection. We were under pressure because people didn’t stop asking for new parts. So we packed several large suitcases and took the train to Paris to find other types of fabric that matched our idea. In Paris, the capital of fashion, we found what we were looking for: romantic, playful, light fabrics with classic French chic, for which we both had such a passion!

We only ate baguettes with cheese and croissants, we didn’t have any more money because we spent everything on fabrics. With many wonderful new ideas, empty stomachs, but with suitcases full of French fabrics, we came back to Munich and founded the “Me & May” label in 2011.


“I grew up in the Bavarian Oberland and have always had a great connection to nature. Later I attended art school, the studio became my living room, my teacher at the art school my mentor. The image of women was fascinating to me! Then it worked with the fashion school in Munich – goodbye country idyll, hello adventure! Then what happened? The disillusionment. The profession of a designer is not that free, you have to stick to the rules – my idea wavered, I lacked the craft, everything was too theoretical, not down to earth. I cried for three days, left the fashion school and finished her tailoring apprenticeship three years later and then I met Mathilde … ”(Melissa)


I was born in Paris, spent my childhood in Strasbourg. As a little girl, I was fascinated by beautiful fabrics and preferred to paint women in dresses. I attended painting classes at an art school in Strasbourg at about the same time as Melissa. I discovered my passion for drawing and illustration. When I found out that what I loved most in the courses was a job: the designer. From now on I wanted to be a fashion designer. I moved to Munich with my family and started studying at the fashion school … after I successfully graduated I wanted to work in a trendy office, but that’s where I met Melissa … “(Mathilde)